Deciding on having a breast augmentation is not a quick one. Whilst the prospect of fixing possible insecurity is a tempting one, patients should be aware of the thorough process that is needed before they can enjoy our healed results. A qualified and renowned plastic surgeon in Manchester should be able to discuss all of these key areas with you during a consultation, but you should do your research also.  Some points are easy to forget, and some may neglect the impact of them. No corners should be cut when you have any form of plastic surgery, especially breast implants. In this blog post, we will share some of the things you need to know before you have your surgery, and to keep in mind during your recovery. Take a look at the following suggestions:

Your breasts will need time to drop 

First things first, a lot of patients are shocked, and not worried when they see how high their breast implants are on their chest straight after their surgery. This can lead to shock and confusion, however, it is nothing to worry about. Your breast implants are purposefully placed higher on your chest as they need time to recover and then drop following your surgery. With the support of garments and rest and recovery, your breasts will soon naturally drop to a normal level, and you will be able to enjoy them without the use of garments. 

You need to be healthy to be qualified 

Not everyone is qualified to have breast implants. The requirements for this surgery are so strict that a lot of patients get turned away. You need to make sure that you are a healthy weight first of all before you consider implants, and also that your blood pressure is at a healthy level before you are considered. You may also be a risk if you are susceptible to blood clots, and this should all be discussed with your surgeon. Always take the recommendation of our surgeon and avoid finding an unregulated and cheap plastic surgeon who will carry out your treatment, as this can risk your life. 

Post-op is just as important as pre-op 

The care and prep required for post-op is just as important as pre-op. Recovering from your breast augmentation in Manchester requires several weeks before you can resume your daily routine. You will also need to continue wearing your garments for weeks following this period if you hope to have the best and safest recovery possible. Arranging for round-the-clock care during your first week of recovery is key, as minimal movement and no heavy lifting are permitted. 

You need to keep your scarring out of the sun 

Many patients are not aware of the importance of keeping their breasts out of the sun following their breast augmentation. The skin where the incisions have been made will be scarred and very delicate, and UV rays can burn these areas easily. If the burning is extreme, patients may require a significant amount of time recovering, and possible skin grafting if the scarring is made permanent.

Bottom line 

Overall, patients should be well-educated about the complete process of breast augmentation. A reputable plastic surgeon will be able to advise on the essential facts, but doing your research would also be wise.