We all know that regular exercise benefits our overall health, but how often do you think of exercise benefiting your oral health? If you don’t believe us why not ask your local dentist in Wakefield at your next appointment?

Exercise Improves Your Immune System

Exercising consistently improves your overall health and the strength of your immune system. Having a strong immune system helps reduce the likelihood of your body developing infections; many people don’t consider how regular exercise can positively affect their teeth, but regular exercise can reduce the chances of people developing gum disease as your body is better able to prevent and help stop the gum disease on its own. It has been reported that active non-smokers are more than 50% less likely to develop gum disease.

Exercising Regularly Improves Your The Effectiveness Of Your Digestive System

Exercising regularly can improve your body’s blood flow, which helps ensure that your vital organs such as your intestines and other areas of your digestive system. This can allow your body to better absorb nutrients and vitamins from the food you eat. As a result of being able to absorb nutrients from food more efficiently your body is likely going to be healthier as a result of the additional nutrients, meaning that you are less likely to develop infections and gum diseases in the mouth. Nutrients and vitamins such as calcium and vitamin D also improve the health and strength of your bones and teeth, making them more resistant to damage.

When You Are Focused On Exercise You Are More Likely To Make Healthier Food Choices 

It doesn’t matter what your exercise goals are what matters is the fact that when you exercise you are often drawn to food that can help you achieve your exercise goals. This means eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and making more of your meals from scratch to ensure that you get enough protein for your next workout. This can mean that you are more likely to eat proper, filling meals which will mean that you will be less tempted to reach for the sugary snacks as you simply won’t be as hungry after your meals. 

Exercise And Mental Health

Depression is a common mental health condition that can make completing daily tasks such as brushing your teeth more difficult which may mean your teeth may suffer as a result of your going through depression. Regular exercise has been proven to help alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety and can help you to start feeling better. You should start seeing mental health benefits within the first 3 months of your exercise journey. However, sometimes this can take longer.  

Oral Health And Gum Disease

Did you know that poor oral health can increase your likelihood of heart disease? As you are more likely to develop a bacterial infection if your oral hygiene is poor, this bacterial infection can spread throughout your body and infect several vital organs including your heart. Regular exercise increases your body’s ability to fend off infections which makes this scenario less likely. If you are concerned about the possibility of gum disease you should speak to your local cosmetic dentist in Leeds


Regular exercise has many benefits for your entire body, what is stopping you from starting exercising today?

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